September 1, 2014
Book Recommendation #128

‘Letters to Lindsey’ (Terri M. Brady) ~~~> Mrs. Brady flies under the radar, as she has no interest in garnering press clippings, yet she has impacted so many lives through the wisdom she imparts on her blog, This blog was so well received, an entire ‘coffee table style’ book of some of her very best posts was compiled & shared with the world in 2013. I am fortunate to say that I read it this year, and it more than lives up to the small amount of money invested in its purchase. The posts chosen cover a wide range of topics of interest and value to anyone: from being a mom/parent, to Christian faith, marriage, love, home schooling, & many others. I’ve already shared this book as a gift with several in my life, and it comes highly recommended! Definitely consider this as an ideal gift for someone as a house warming present (it is so well designed), for a new wife/bride, or for a new attendee/member of your church. All best!

September 1, 2014
Book Recommendation #127

‘Robert E. Lee on Leadership’ (H.W. Crocker III) ~~~> Major General Josiah Bunting, of VMI, attests to the quality of this book right on the front cover: “A masterpiece — the best work of its kind I have ever read.” I can certainly attest to Mr. Bunting’s words! While I read broadly in many different genres, thereby making it hard to pick favorites that transcend them all, yet, this one is in my top three for ‘14 for sure. I can’t point to any certain chapter(s) as better than others, since Mr. Crocker packed this book from the prologue through the appendix with a multitude of historical anecdotes, lessons, stories, & quotations which can serve to add value to anyone in any walk of life. Being a fan of true history ( not the ‘names’, ‘dates’, and ‘places’ type that is common in factory model education, but rather the principles, reasons, & wisdom ), I came away from finishing Crocker’s chapters with a significant deal more about who Lee was, what he truly accomplished, and why. Unquestionably, Lee has just as much to teach those in the 2010’s as he did while leading the southern nation in the 1830’s - 1870’s. This book likely has escaped the attention of most, however, at every point I can, I’ll be sure to spread the word, as what I learned easily made the decision to buy the book worth 100x as much as the $ invested.

August 31, 2014
Book Recommendation #126

‘A Whole New Mind’ (Daniel H. Pink) ~~~> Impactful! What Mr. Pink does in this book is completely shake up existing paradigms, thinking, and “CW *”, which made this one of my favorite reads thus far in 2014. I’ve been thinking for several years now that what happened in 2007-2009 was not even close to being a recession; what it was, rather, was an socio-pol-economic shift that impacted whole swathes of the population, yet the vast majority didn’t realize it. The author’s content here, written even before those years, goes a long way towards verifying this perspective. In Part I, Chapter 2 is powerfully incisive, and what he describes is happening to this very day, roughly nine years after the original publication, and eight after the update was released. Going further, in Part II, Chapters 6 & 9 especially spoke volumes. Being an entrepreneur who focuses on information, thinking, & mindset on a daily basis with the cores of my business, I can easily point to this book as third party proof of what can, should, and must happen to help society and culture grow and prosper — and it’s definitely not more of the same. The Conceptual Age is here: Are you ready?

August 31, 2014
Book Recommendation #125

‘Positive Personality Profiles’ (Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.) ~~~> An excellent read for anyone who deals with people, which, frankly, would be .. a LOT of us! I’d strongly recommend pairing this book with ‘Personality Plus’ (Florence Littauer) to have a very wide & deep understanding of the traits, social styles, & temperaments which comprise the whole of humanity. Having head Dr. Rohm talk of his D.I.S.C. profile on an audio recording previous to investing in this book, I had a good inkling of what he would discuss — unquestionably, though, being able to study his written words made it all the more valuable. The most incisive chapters are 2-5, and 11-14, as he breaks down each of the personalities in both broad brush strokes & later on, in tactical, specific application. For those who own businesses or are in professions that involve students, chapters 9 & 10 are excellent add-ons! As the Dr., shares in the preface: “… if I understand you and you understand me, doesn’t it make sense that we can have a better relationship?”

August 26, 2014
Beware the Anti-Readers: The Weekly Mentor, Oliver DeMille


Reading is a fundamental - no way around it; there’s much wisdom in doing so, and the ROI is far above anything else, esp. so once/as the connection b/w the words and the actions taken (application) is made.

August 25, 2014
How Dead-Ends Show You the Way | Life Manifestos

Valuable perspective.

August 17, 2014
Why You Hate Work -

Highly insightful article.
One thing that wasn’t mentioned in here: Most of what this describes is an obsolete Industrial / Corporate Industrial Age mentality which somehow is still hanging on, although we’ve even mostly pushed by the successor to the above two era known as the Information Age (!)
Seeing such low numbers in this survey/study comes as no surprise if you continue to take literally the Latin root of “employ” ( = to use ) and combine with turning back the clock to the pre-internet years.
One tonic? (and I’d say the best) - don’t wait, and be sure to be creating your own personal economy and earning your own money as an entrepreneur.

August 4, 2014
The “Fight Club” rule for dream building :)

There’s one rule for dream building ………

… and it’s to never use the word “afford”.

Why would you do that?

That’s like putting the sharp tacks under your own wheels!

Always have an abundance mentality - trillions of dollars circle the globe every day; why would you settle for the bread crumbs when the entire bakery is available?

July 30, 2014
Why Comfort is a Curse | by : Stephen Palmer, Writer & Entrepreneur

Absolutely on point.
Comfort is to good as learning is to great.
Exceptional people don’t stay in their familiar (comfort) zones.

July 20, 2014
Austrian economics is the absolute best school in all areas. Study the present day adherents of the tradition; additionally, definitely invest in your mind & thinking by purchasing books from those who have passed into history’s annals - inc. Mises, Rothbard, & Hazlitt.

Austrian economics is the absolute best school in all areas. Study the present day adherents of the tradition; additionally, definitely invest in your mind & thinking by purchasing books from those who have passed into history’s annals - inc. Mises, Rothbard, & Hazlitt.

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